Mark Dunning

Bioinformatics Training Coordinator @ Cancer Research Uk Cambridge Institute

About me

My job title is ā€œBioinformatics Training Coordinatorā€ and I work in the Bioinformatics Core of Cancer Research Uk Cambridge Institute. I organise, develop and facilitate Bioinformatics training courses to teach computational and analytical skills to wet-lab biologists. All courses that I develop are available through github and I have collaborations with Thomas Carroll at the Bioinformatics Core, MRC Clinical Sciences Centre and Bioinformatics Training Facility at the Univesity of Cambridge.

Previously, I worked as a Bioinformatics Analyst within the Bioinformatics Core; consulting on, and assisting in, the analysis on all types of high-throughput datasets. During this time I worked on studies to define subtypes of Breast and Prostate cancer and established pipelines for analysis whole-genome and exome resequencing data.

I obtained my PhD in the Statistics and Computational Biology group of Simon Tavare at the University of Cambridge. During this time, I developed the beadarray Bioconductor package for the analysis of Illumina microarray data. My PhD thesis is available online, should you be interested.

Moving on

Iā€™m delighted to announce that from October 2017 I will be returning to Yorkshire to take up the position of Bioinformatcs Core Director at [The University of Sheffield}( :tada: You can follow updates on the Sheffield Bioinformatics Core website.